Sunday, November 23, 2008

Something Old, Something New

Yes! The new beret is finished (since the last one sold) and I listed it yesterday. I really love making this pattern and at some point would like to make a few more. I do want to make one in black, but I'm really worried about how it will photograph...It's hard when you know that it would probably be the prefered color and yet you know it wouldn't sell because it would have to be seen in person. Or maybe I'm just talking myself out of it...

Click here if your head is cold...or perhaps if you don't want it to be

In other news, I hosted the show "Wayward Ways" last night. We were running a little short, so luckily I had brought extra stuff to do and was able to keep the show running smoothly with no one in the audience being the wiser. There will be another show on the 13th, but since I was in the last 2 I probably won't be in that one...they like to change it up since we get a lot of regulars in the audience.

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