Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Back to work...

I'm almost out of the sock yarn I'm making for the fingerless gloves, and I probably won't have time to get any today, so I'll probably start on a new project. Depending on what's in my stash, I might start a new beret since the other one sold...but if I don't find a yarn that moves me, then I'm making a fancy doggie sweater with black fuzzy trim.

I'm performing again at the Venetian today, so all of this will be done in between makes the day fly by....I can't get too used to it, though, pretty soon we'll be adding shows and then I'll have to do all my knit work at home.

I have some time off coming up, since my show at Krave will be taking a short break and I'm hoping to be super productive during that time (hoping being the opperative word)...not only with knitting but I really need to do some cleaning.

This is where you should be browsing when you have other, more pressing, chores to's lots more fun!

And lastly...Friday favorites are fast coming upon us. If you see something that you think should be featured, please post the link in the comments page...I'd love to see it.

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