Saturday, November 22, 2008

Saturday Special

This weeks Saturday special is all about the Zipper Coin Purse. I usually sell them for $12 but today only you can buy them for $6...And if you are in the US or Canada, shipping is free...everywhere else it's $3.

There are only 4, so hurry up and get them before somebody else does

In other news, I'm hosting a variety show tonight called "Wayward Ways"...there should be some fun acts in the show. I don't know how much magic I'm going to be doing since I'm hosting, I only need to fill time for acts that have a big set up or clean up. Otherwise it's just me on-stage with a microphone...some of my exes would be frightened at the thought.

My friend Penny is going to be doing comedy, and I think that she's hillarious. Her "real" job is as Psychic Tonya in the Amazing Johnathan Show, so it's nice to see her play herself once in a while.

If you can't go to the can always wander around here...I won't mind *wink*

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