Monday, December 8, 2008

A new week begins

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Almost finished with the new socks...If all goes well they should be done by today. I hope I can get them photographed while it's still light outside because my workweek begins tomorrow and it's hard to make the time while I'm working.
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In other news, they changed the show again! Of course, my act stays the same, that's mine to do and change as I wish, but the rest of the show has changed. On Saturday, throughout the whole show, I was being told, "oops, we forgot to tell you, your doing this now." Thankfully I was there early, because before, I wasn't even in the show until near the end, so I would show up late and get ready I'm onstage at the top of the show...If I hadn't been early, I wouldn't have made it.

Keep in mind, I think all these changes are for the better, and it makes the show flow alot better. If you're ever in Vegas, please come and check it out. It's called, "Find Your Sexy".

My other goals for today are laundry and cleaning the kitchen. Of course I'm going to procrastinate just as long as I can before starting on these never-ending chores.

Help me procrastinate! I'd rather make a trip to the post office than clean


  1. Very cool, I can't wait to see the socks!

  2. Hi*waves*
    Just wanted to stop by & say thanks for visiting my to browse yours now!:) xx


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