Sunday, January 18, 2009

Inauguration, and New Stuff

So, I leave tomorrow for Washington DC, and what is really worrying me is the packing. I'm going to have to check luggage because I'll actually be there for a week (I couldn't get any flights out sooner). However, I need to go to the inaugural ball the day I arrive and with all the restrictions in carry on luggage, I'm afraid to pack my magic stuff or my make up in there and then have it taken away from me.

It's all so confusing. With the liquid ban, I'd have to stuff some of my make up and stuff in a ziplock bag, then with the magic stuff, who knows what they'll accept. My friend's snow globe was taken from her, so what happens when I try to bring my crystal ball through (I need it for the show that night). I'm thinking of risking it all and checking it through, because it would be much worse if they took things away from me for good. Eeek, I'm more worried about TSA then anything else!!!

Mint Chocolate Halter Top is now for sale!

On a happier note, I finished a knit halter top and listed it last night. I also have a new scarf listed that was reserved but now isn't anymore...I'm really loving how it came out!

The shop will be going on vacation tomorrow afternoon, so browse while you can!...and also keep checking back here throughout the week, I'll be letting everyone know how this inaugural ball plays out!


  1. Can't wait to hear about it, good luck!

    ps...Love the halter ;)

  2. HUGE HUGE heartfelt congrats, ATT! I am so happy for you — please say hi to Obama for us all ;)

    Got your fingerless gloves on Friday, and they rock. Lovely new halter too...

    All things good!

  3. that halter rocks!

    have fun!
    mary jane


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