Saturday, January 17, 2009

Saturday is Special!

This Merino Entrelac Scarf could be your's in today's sale!
I'm going to try something new today...well, I don't know if it's new, new, but it's new to me, so what the heck.

For this Saturday is Special, I'm going to do a choose your own sale! Here's how it works. If you see something you like in my shop, send me a convo and tell me how much you would like to pay for it. If it seems reasonable to me, I'll send you a convo back accepting it and then I'll change the listing just for you. Please keep in mind, though, that reasonable is the key word, these items are my babies and lots of love went into making each and every one.

If this sale is successful, I'll bring it back on Saturdays...So get your fingers ready to click and start shopping!


  1. sounds interesting! Let us know how it works.

  2. Great promo! I love that scarf, is this entrelac?



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