Saturday, March 28, 2009

Cheesy Mysteries...What fun!

Somehow I've gotten sucked into these cheesy Rabbi Small Mysteries. The one I just finished, Sunday The Rabbi Stayed Home by Harry Kemelman, definitely lived up to the others. It's a fun read, and I would say interesting even if you're not Jewish. It's a mixture of murder, crime solving and synagogue politics. I've already read Friday The Rabbi Slept Late and Saturday The Rabbi Went Hungry...I have Monday's on my shelf now, and I think about 2 or three books to go before I get to that.

In other news: I have the day off today...Though most of it will be spent veging on the couch as much as possible, I'm going to my friend's house for brunch. Every once in a while we do a clothes bring all the clothes you don't want anymore and take other people's clothes that they don't want anymore. Anything left over goes to charity. I'm hoping to find some cool sweaters that I can upcyle/recycle.

Do you have the day off today too? Here's a site you can browse while you're veging too!

Tune in tomorrow for the "Sunday Funday" video of the week!


  1. Clothing swaps are such great ideas, tho I'm a little afraid that I'd fall back into love with an item after I see my friend wearing it.. It's happened with clothing that I thought I didn't want before already. Maybe I'm just selfish. Your post reminds me, I really need to clean out the closets and get a pile of things ready to drop off at the Salvation Army thrift store.

  2. Very i haven't clothes swapped in years...its so fun!


  3. You have some really cute stuff in your Etsy store. I love the red checkered scarf. Can you please tell me how you created the neat little 8 picture advertising your Etsy Store in the sidebar of your blog? I would really love to know. Thanks!


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