Sunday, March 8, 2009

A day of photos

I guess I confused a few of you in the last post...The picture of the sweater was not my new one, nor was it a new photo...It was an example of one of the ones I needed to redo, and (sigh) there were many that needed it.

I took a huge chunk of time yesterday to re-shoot a bunch of items and I got through all but two before I lost steam. So if you take a glance at my shop you might notice that some of the items look different, and hoping much better. There's definitely a learning curve with pictures, and some of my older items just didn't have a photo I was proud of, they were screeming, "I'm ready for my close up Mr. DeMille!" (And yes, I know I aged myself by throwing that in.)

Now, onto some new items!

This Black wrap sweater is now available in my shop.
I added a wrap-around sweater, knit in black that has kind of a lacy look. It's soft and lightweight and great for spring.

Shades of the Caribbean Scarf is now available in my shop

And I also added a new entrelac scarf that is knit in what I like to call "shades of the Caribbean" because it reminds me of the ocean over there. In many places it's still very cold, but it's still nice to bring a little summer into a wardrobe, even if it's only in color.


  1. Great pics!! Love the scarf.
    I really need to redo some pics too. Just haven't got the energy to do it yet.

  2. Cecille B. DeMille was a director of very early films and the line "I'm ready for my close up Mr. DeMille" is from the movie "Sunset Boulevard". I'm not really that old, but I love that movie.

  3. I love the pics. You do great work. Still intrigued by the whole magician concept. My son learned a new card trick that I cannot figure out. I HATE it when I can't make it make sense. Pure craziness. Oh, the duck story did make me laugh. A little tragic, but very funny.


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