Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Getting there...

Well, since I haven't heard anything from the video people, I guess I didn't get the job...filming was supposed to be yesterday. Rejection at this job used to bother me a great deal, but that's mainly what my business is about, so I just move on to the next thing and I try not to think about it anymore.

My boyfriend and I are finally getting better (healthwise, I mean). For about a week, we haven't talked alot because we've been feeling sick and out throats have been hurting, so now that we're better, we can't shut up. I think I'm losing my voice now because we just talked, talked, talked all last night, kind of catching up in a way...It was really cool, and I'm really thankful today that I'm a magician, and not a

Don't these socks look warm and cozy? They could be your's you know...

In other news: I finished a crochet pair of fingerless gloves yesterday. They turned out pretty cool, but probably won't get listed until at least tomorrow. Now I'm working on a poncho (another crochet item, giving myself a knitting break so to speak). I've made one like this before for myself, so I'm thinking that if I love it, someone else might too!

The socks in the picture are still available at my shop, as well as many other things...go ahead, clicky know you want to!

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  1. very cute socks! glad you both are feeling better! now you just have to make sure you dont talk yourselves sick~! heh


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