Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Night Out

My friend, Ginger, had her birthday last night. We went to this Bavarian Restaurant with a German band and tons of food. I'm allergic to beer, so that part of the evening was kind of wasted on me, but everyone said it was really good.

Then we went to hear "The Roughnecks" play. They're a rock-a-billy band that we know a couple of people in. Ginger got up and played a couple of sets too, and it was tons of fun...But I was fading fast and left after the second set, I have to work today, and I already know it's going to take a lot of caffine to make it through.

Things I am thankful for: COFFEE!!!

In Crafty News: My mom's friend saw my zipper purses and liked them so much that she gave my mom a ton of zippers to mail to me. So you might be seeing a few more of these after I've caught up on some of the other stuff.

Don't forget to check back tomorrow for some cool stuff made by other etsians in "Friday's Favorites"!

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  1. what a great zipper purse , I have never seen anything like it !


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