Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday Funday...and some knitting

Well, I'm almost finished with one of my two sweater custom order set. The goal of course is to finish it today. (Do I say that every day?) I just have the collar left to do on the black one and then I can start on the white one. I think I can get a couple of good hours in this morning.

This afternoon, I'm headed off to Circus Circus to meet up with some friends and watch the clown scooter in action! I'm going to bring the camera along, so hopefully I don't do something stupid like leave it in the car, and hopefully I'll have something to show you guys tomorrow.

...And I made another sale! Whee! Unfortunately, the post office that was open on Sunday has closed, so I'll have to wait until tomorrow to mail it...I'm really going to miss that post office...*sigh*

Even though it's spring, do you still find yourself getting chilly? And I don't mean with rice

Sunday Funday:
And now for the weekly Sunday Funday video...this one is all about Sheep Art!


  1. That is amazing, fantastic, outstanding. Mighty creative baaastuds.

  2. Be sure to post pics of the clowns on scooters!


  3. I saw that video the other day its just amazing.


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