Thursday, March 19, 2009

Not a day off...

This sweater would look great with some pearls, don't you think?
Usually I'm off on Thursdays, but not today. I picked up an extra day at the Venetian because my freelance gigs are pretty much non-existant right now. That ups my shows from 18 to 24 this week...whew...exhausting.

The plus side is that I do get more knitting done at work than I do at home, so this will probably be a really productive week for me.

After work last night, I tried knitting a bit more, but found myself sleep knitting and I had to put my work down because I didn't want to mess anything up. The boyfriend thinks it's hillarious when he looks over and sees my hands working and my head drooped in slumber.

Friday's Favorites update:
I know there's a lot of jewelry people that read this blog, so tomorrow's favorites are going to be all about pearls. Do you have anything made with pearls? Post your item in my comments!
Even if you are not a jeweler but you have something with pearls, go ahead and put it in the comments too!


  1. Did you knit that sweater? It's fab! I was just admiring some Stacia brand ones, done in bamboo.

  2. my pearls

  3. That sweater is so cool! Also, I have many items with pearls. This is my newest:

    Also, did you know you're the only blogger with the occupation "Magician, Knitter"? Score one for uniqueness!

  4. I'm still laughing at the visual of someone knitting and nodding off!

    Here is one of my pearl listings...

    Thanks, and have a wonderful day!!

  5. really cute~ i love the coloring and how it knit up~ great job

  6. I knit and sleep too!!! How funny!!
    Along with my knitting I also make jewelry, and I have a pretty breast cancer bracelet made with pink swarovski pearls
    Thanks, Kathy

  7. This doesn't have pearls, but it's the same colors as the sweater. I love the colors.

    Separate Green earrings to match


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