Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I did it!!!

Yes! Yesterday I did it! I finally put a new magic piece in the show at the Venetian. Though I love adding new things to the show, the first day is always the worst...there are the nerves about messing up...worried if the audience will like it as much as I do...and just plain worried in general. After I did it at the one o'clock show, I felt much better and I did it again at the 5 o'clock.

For those magicians reading this, I did my take of the Chinese Sticks...although it seems like it would be an easy trick, to get it really smooth it takes some work. I really fell in love with it because unlike most magic where people think "how did she do that?", it keeps giving the audience answers and then prooves them wrong...quite fun!

Mint and chocolate in a warm scarf? Sounds perfect, doesn't it?

In other news: Though I might not finish my sweater this week, there's a good chance that I'll finish my scarf. It's going to be another entrelac piece, similar to the one pictured here, but in light blues and very light greens, kind of a seascape if you will.


  1. magic, hun?! ever hear of a tiny town called Colon, MI? it's the magic capital of the world & i lived there when i was a kid! my dad was supt. of schools & since they used the gym at the HS we always got free tickets to see ALL the shows!!
    i'm on etsy too: chinamommy & have a blog:



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