Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tuesday's Tips for Etsy

News before the tip: So I crocheted a bullseye for the nerf gun and it works really well with the velcro. Unfortunately (but fortunately) the boyfriend had a stilt walking gig last night so we didn't get to play.

Also...I also got a convo from a fellow etsian who's in town and wants to see me perform. She emailed me before she left Canada, so hopefully she can get to a computer to see where I'm at.

Whether it's summer or winter, everyone wants to keep their hair back so they can see

Also...I can't wait to start listing some new stuff. Here's one that's been listed for a while but is still one of my favorites.

Tuesday's Tip: I'm often interested in what people are searching for. Did you know that you can see a tag fractal of what's being looked for right now? Go ahead, give it a click...I'll wait...Sometimes if I can't decide what to renew, I'll look at the tag fractal and find something in my shop that goes with it.

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  1. Fascinating tip! I never even knew such a beast existed.

    It was cool to hear you were from Hawaii too :) Where in Hawaii??

  2. So are those the most common tags searched recently? interesting! thanks!


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