Thursday, July 2, 2009

Clowns and Submissions!

The boyfriend came back last night, completely exhausted...they'd been shooting the commercial since 5:30 am and they worked up until he left for the airport...poor guy, he could bearly walk off the plane.

For anyone out in Kansas City, I think there's a picture of him in the paper falling out of a car (yes, he fell out on purpose) least I think it's on the paper's website...he showed it to me, but I didn't catch the web address to post it here...

Now I'm going to have to wake him up for work soon. After all of that, he's still got shows to do all day.

This red halter top could be the perfect thing to wear on the Fourth of July!

Since the Fourth of July is fast approaching, I thought we'd look for things patriotic. If you have anything in your etsy shop that's Red, White, or Blue...or even better, all the link in the comments and tune in tomorrow to check out Friday's Favorites!

I don't have anything in my shop yet that's all three colors, but here's one of my red halter tops to kick things off!


  1. love the halter top! I have items that are strictly Red and Strictly Blue. could you use them??

  2. here is blue: Elegant Royal Blue Hand Knit Basket Weave Buttoned Cowl

    here is red: Red Handknit Twisting Diamond Openwork Scarf

  3. I've got three pendants that are patriotic:

    Thanks for looking!

  4. I've got a patriotic onesie - Sailor suit style!

  5. I have a few things in my shop that definitely fit the theme.

    I am also offering free shipping through July 7.

  6. gorgeous!! A girl would need one in every color! thanks for sharing


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