Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Nuclear Size Bug...Yikes!

Even though I live in the desert where there are lots of different types of creepy crawlies, in the big city of Las Vegas, you hardly ever see the snakes and scorpions and other things that make you scream. Usually I see ants, crickets, the occasional roach, and spiders.

Last night we finished watching "Taken" (which was a really fun movie) and I put it back in its netflix envelope and headed out to the mailbox (if I don't do this right away, I'll forget for days and I'm sure netflix loves me for it). I opened the door and looked out to my right and saw the biggest roach I had ever seen.

Now, coming from Hawaii, I've seen some monster size roaches, so I'm not prone to give superlatives where they are concerned. This one, however, made me scream. Our neighbors mush be hard of hearing, because otherwise they would have come out to see if anyone was being murdered.

Huge does not describe this bug. I called my boyfriend out to see it because I needed a witness to the shear vastness of this guy. He, being a guy, took his sweet time, but upon seeing it let out a scream of his own.

I didn't take a picture of it though, I was tempted, but I knew a photo wouldn't show its true size unless I put quarters next to it, which would have required me to get closer than I was feeling comfortable with. Let's just say it was at least 4 quarters long and I didn't know what a roach that size would do to me.

Eeek! Next time I'm making my boyfriend take the netflix out.


  1. Yuck! I'm sorry you even had to look at the thing! lol


  2. Yikes. I've never seen a roach in person so who knows what I'd do.


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