Saturday, July 18, 2009


So a Clown, a Magician and an Accordion player walk into a bar....

Oh, so that's why they bury their bones.
Now before you start to think, "Haven't I heard this one before?", let me tell you, it really happened. My boyfriend (the clown), our friend (the accordion player) and me (you guessed it, the magician) went to our favorite wine bar last night after work. They have these wonderful cheese platters and really good (and affordable) wine...we sat outside with the misters blowing on us and had a wondeful time.

The wine bar is actually in Boulder City, which is one of the few cities in Nevada where gambling is illeagal. It became a town when they started building the Hoover Dam (Which was then called the Boulder Dam), and it's a really charming and beautiful city. Maybe if I sell everything in my knit shop about a thousand times over....then I can get a place there too!

Click here to donate to the unrealistic Boulder City Dream House Fund

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  1. Hubby and I would love to come to Vegas and see the sites around it. We actually checked out a bunch of stuff last Christmas and had considered driving out, but got a good deal on a trip to Mexico. But we will get down to see the damn and hopefully do some ATV riding there too - one day.


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