Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Yes! Finally! My weekend has finally begun. For those that work at a regular job, yes it is Wednesday and yes you have to go to work...but not me! I'm off for the next two days!

This coming week should be a lot easier for me. I'm only working three days at the Venetian, and then I actually have a gig. Getting a gig used to be no big deal for me, but in this economy, I went from having 2 or 3 a month to having my 4th one all year.

It's a private party for a lady that I worked for before. Now I have to wrack my brain to remember what I did last time, so there aren't any repeats. You know...Magicians aren't supposed to show the same trick twice...Though that's not always the case, some of mine I can do again and again.

Today will be some light cleaning (although the house really needs a lot more than light) and then a beauty day with a long soak in the tub, a facial, and if I'm not too tired, I might even give myself a manicure...The way my nails look now, I can't even begin to think about doing any close up magic for anyone.


  1. lol! That dog pic made me laugh so hard!
    Congrats on getting another gig!

  2. The ambition picture is too funny! Lovely blog.


  3. I think everybody's weekend should start on a Wednesday!

  4. I wish it was my weekend! and I like those fingerless gloves!

  5. Good luck at the gig - too bad those dogs can't go with you!

  6. The dog pic cracked me up. You work as a magician? How fun is that?!


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