Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thunderstorms and Submissions

Last night we had a wonderful thunder storm. Lots of big booming, lots of lightning and even a little bit of rain. Not that it helped the heat any, it's already back up to 100. For a couple of seconds we even lost power.

The boyfriend loves to be prepared for such things, and when the power came back immediately got out candles and flashlights and even a crank powered lantern in case it went out again (kind of closing the barn door after the horse has left if you ask me). Well, the lights stayed on for the rest of the night, and truth be told, I think he was more than a bit disappointed...

It was to be expected for me though, I've been in Vegas for over 10 years, and the longest I've been without power has been for about 5 minutes.

Store your plastic bags in the bag lady's skirt!

In honor of me finally being the sole owner of my condo, I'm looking for things for the home. Anything that makes your home a better place...that's what I want to see. Post your links in the comments, and I'll be looking here first before looking in the forums.

Here's mine...a "Bag Lady" who stores all of those plastic grocery bags that no one knows what to do with, but no one wants to throw away.


  1. i have a few hand painted plates that make a home unique...

    and some votives that make your home inviting...

    thanks for looking!

  2. I have some fun kitchen prints in my photography shop. Everything is on clearance for 50% off already low prices.

    Thanks for looking.
    -10oneworld and SedonaShots

  3. Hee hee.. that bag lady is so cute. ;)


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