Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday's Favorites

Thanks for all the submissions...I feel a little bit cooler already.

Yesterday we rode up to Mt. Charleston and the weather was gorgeous...even a little chilly. Unfortunately, the heat had kicked up full force in Vegas, so when we came back to the city it was beyond hot. We were on the motorcycle, so it's not as if we could crank up the air conditioning...I must have lost at least 5 pounds in sweat alone.

When we got back, that first glass of water was the best water I've ever drank.

Now to cool off a bit with the "Friday's Favorites"!

Here we have a little bit of Christmas in July with some beautiful reds and greens. Are you too hot today too? Maybe you should buy something...Are you one of those lucky folks (like in Boston) where it's actually chilly? Maybe you should buy something...


  1. The temps here have been below normal all week. In fact they were saying on the news that the last 8 months have registered below normal. Where is global warming? Not here!

  2. Thanks for including me as a Friday Fav, it brightened my day! It's funny you are hoping for cooler weather and here I am excited for the weekend so I can get out of the Air Conditioning and play in some warmer weather. :)

  3. Thanks for featuring my green coat! (It's almost chilly enough in Iowa today to wear it!)

    Huzzah! Vintage

  4. Yes, time to start thinking Christmas - though here in Ontario Canada we could use some of the heat! Where is our summer? LOL Too much rain and cloud this year. I'm so happy you included my cozy!


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