Saturday, February 12, 2011

Bess gets into Patty's Day

First off, there was one sale from yesterday's Friday's Favorites! Congrats HeirloomsAndLace! That corset bag is awesome.

Now about St. Patrick's Day:

Shamrock dog sweater for St. Patrick's Day
I've never really put anything for St. Patrick's day in my shop, I mean, aside from having green items. Yesterday I finished, photographed and listed my new Shamrock Doggie Sweater.

Bess, the chihuahua, loves to do photo shoots as it means she gets pieces of cheese or hot dog throughout the whole procedure. Though she can be quite the finicky model as she does not like to show her back to the camera...and if you try and make her, she gets a little mad.

I tried explaining to her that the back is the most important part of the sweater, however she thinks she knows what her best side is. I'm just hoping she's cute enough for people to click on the item, so they can get the full view of the back without the doggie in it...*sigh.

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