Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Take it Off Tuesday: Entrelac Scarf

Before we get to the sale, I have to tell you about my Valentine's day. The boyfriend came home with the usual roses and chocolate, only this time he remembered my favorite kind...LINDOR TRUFFLES!!! If you haven't tried them, then I suggest you do. They are the smoothest creamiest chocolates ever.

Well, I thought that was it, but then he told me that this weekend we could go to the pound and look for a friend for my doggie Bess. Since my cat passed away, I'd been bugging him about getting another dog, but he kept saying maybe later... now it's a yes! I can't wait till Sunday to start looking.

Now onto the sale!

This week's Take it Off Tuesday Sale is for this Wool Entrelac Scarf in Brown and Pink. You can get 35% off, today only, by using the coupon code: TUESDAY. There is only one available, so whoever buys it first, gets it. Click on the picture for more info about it.

In treasury news:

My recycled cashmere yarn made it into a beautiful treasury. Even if you're not into my yarn, you should check it out as it is really well put together, and everything in it is so beautiful.

Click here to show the treasury some love!


  1. Oh... Lindor Truffles! Mmmm... I love to freeze them, eat the milk chocolate outsides, and savor the silky insides... Anytime my fiance knows I've had a bad day, he brings them home with him.

    You've got yourself a good man love!

    -Tiffany with Will Write 4 Food



  2. Yum, truffles! Real Estate is always a good gift, too. LOL!



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