Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Take it off Tuesday! Deal of the Week!

...but first... Gibbs, the newest member of our doggie pack is getting along just fine. (can 2 be a pack? or do you need 3? I don't think the boyfriend will let me get another one right now). He's starting to get the sniffles though, probably a little kennel cough. The pound gave me a list of vets that will give him medicine for that for free... of course my regular vet isn't on the list, but free vet care is free vet care. It's part of the adoption program; they give them 15 days of free care in case they caught anything at the pound.

Now onto the sale!

This week, on sale, is this Pink and Blue Sweater. I made in ribbed and in a darker color at the waist to give it a slimming effect.

For today only, you can get 35% off by using the coupon code: TUESDAY. Of course, as with all the items in my shop, there is FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the US and Canada.

There is only one available, so it's first come, first serve.

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