Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Take it Off Tuesday -Fingerless Gloves

Before we get to the deal of the week, I have to say that I did something I rarely do... I put a book away without finishing it. I try to mix into my reading some classics every now and again, so I tried to read Crime and Punishment.

Well, I should have known not to open the book, when every Russian friend I had said they read it in school and hated it. If they hated it in their native language, what chance do I stand? But, it took it as a challenge.

I'm sure there are many translations out there, some better than others, but I have no idea how one would make that story readable. I'm so glad I never had to read it in school. Though I hate to leave a book unfinished, there are so many good classics out there, why read one that sucks out my will to live.

Now onto the deal:

This week it's all about keeping your hands warm with these Purple Striped Fingerless Gloves. I'm a huge fan of the fingerless gloves as my hands are always cold, but I hate that clumsy feeling that regular gloves give me.

For today only, you can get 35% off of this lovely pair. Just use the coupon code "Tuesday" when checking out.

There is only one pair available right now, so it's first come, first serve.


  1. I am sad to say that I put a book or two away without finishing it. Sometimes you just can't finish it. Maybe later in life you can. lol!
    I love the fingerless gloves.

  2. Cute gloves! And very pretty nails, lol!

    -Tiffany Rainey with Will Write 4 Food




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