Thursday, February 10, 2011

Submissions: That's my bag, baby!

Purse with Rose! Get it at All Things Tangled!
According to the infamous Adina Monsoon from "Absolutely Fabulous": You can never have enough hats, bags, or shoes.

Well, this week's Friday's Favorites is going to take on bags!

For those that don't know, every week I put together an etsy mini of some of my favorite items made by other etsy sellers, post it on my blog and call it the "Friday's Favorites"

If you have any bags or purses in your shop, post the link in the comments, and check back tomorrow for the "Friday's Favorites"!

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  1. How about a vintage bag to add to your Friday Favorites... I am so in love with this one I almost didn't list it... ha! Bad habit I have of keeping the stuff I find...


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