Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I often get distracted by bunnies
I overslept and didn't have time to post anything this morning...I wasn't late for the show or anything, but this was probably due to the fact that I didn't take the time to blog.

I couldn't help it though. I was such a beautiful, cloudy, rainy day and all I wanted to do was curl up under the covers...We don't get too many days like that here in Las Vegas.

I was performing at the Venetian today, and due to the faux cloud ceiling, I couldn't enjoy the rainy gloom that I love so much.

A couple more inches on the Christmas Scarf and then it will be done! My goal (notice it's not a promise, only a goal) is to have it listed tomorrow. And I was also informed that I don't have to do any cooking for Thanksgiving, aka turkey day (tofurkey day for those vegetarians out there), all I have to do is show up so hopefully I'll get a good hunk done on the new doggie sweater too (sorry, this one isn't going to be a santa one, but hopefully it will be equally as cute).

Here's where you should go while you're waiting for that pesky turkey to cook

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  1. i too love the snuggle blankets. i need a snuggie blanket so ican be typing while still snuggled lol


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