Saturday, November 29, 2008

This Blog has been Hijacked!!!

Dog Sweater made for a chihuahua
Hello everyone! My name is Bess Houdini Dukore and I'm the dog of the usual writer of this blog. I stole mommy's laptop so I could post all about my new modeling career!

I don't really like to pose for things, but a little pupperoni does the trick. Mom just fed me lots of it while I posed in her new Funky Doggie Sweater. I think it's very becoming if I do say so myself.

I think some little doggie will be very happy wearing it and I really hope it sells because the more sales mommy gets, the more pupperoni I get. I need lots of pupperoni to survive, otherwise I have to go treasure hunting in the garbage...and I'm pretty sure mom doesn't like that too much.

Well, thanks for reading, now back to your regularly scheduled blog.

If you click here, mom might give me some treats...or better yet, human food. mmmm

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