Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Books and knits and magic...oh my!

Interesting book

So the other day I finished The Dice Man by Luke Rhinehart that we read for my book was a really weird book. A man throws away all his free choices to the whim of the dice and pretty much chaos insues. In the beginning it made me really uncomfortable reading it, but as I got toward the end, I began to see the humor in it. I would only really recommend it to those who like really strange black comedies.

What a cool beret! Don't you want to buy one for yourself?
In Knitting News: I started the second bolero jacket of the custom set yesterday. I was hoping to get the back done, but I didn't have enough time...and then the "Biggest Loser" was on (which I'm totally addicted to) and I needed to focus all my energy on cheering Tara on...I don't actually know her or anything, I just think she's going to win.

And my mom keeps gushing over the beret I made for's the same one as in this picture, only green...she swears it doesn't give her hat head! I definitely want to make some more of these for next winter.

In Magic News: They added 4 extra sets in addition to my 6 shows, which is why I didn't get the back done on my first I was kind of bummed, but there were fun people in the hotel yesterday and I ended up having a really good time...the sets are going to last for a month, so I really hope that fun people keep visiting Las Vegas.


  1. that's such a pretty beret - it looks like it's got some awesome shape.

    it's so hard to find a beret with good shape these days. :)

  2. How cool that you do magic! I hope people keep visiting too :)

    Good luck finishing jacket #2 and great beret!

  3. gorgeous beret!! I like my crocheted ones, but really you can just get the coolest look with knitting that no other technique can rival. :D

    Thanks for the comment on my blog!


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