Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday's Favorites!

First off, I'm so happy that one item from last Friday's Favorites sold!!! For those of you that remember the diamond cut out bracelet, it has now gone to a happy home.

Now for this weeks, I decided in honor of me being sick, and in honor of the hay fever season, I searched all of etsy for some cute tissue boxes! Everyone needs tissues sometimes...why not pretty them up?


  1. i would have no idea that they were tissues holders! they are so great!

  2. Really great finds!! Love these kinds of posts. Find the coolest shops this way. I have a post like this right now too.

  3. LOVE the log cabin!

    AWWW if I were near, I would make you Spicy Chicken Soup! It would make you feel better! (And germs don't DARE live through it, LoL!)



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