Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Living Statue Story...

Yesterday I was a living statue again.

There are always so many different types of people that come up to me. Some are scared, some just want to try to get me to move, some are fascinated, and some are mad that I'm making a living standing still...

Usually the younger kids are scared.

There was this one little girl yesterday, she must have been 2 or maybe a really small 3 year old. Her father gave her a dollar to put at my feet. She toddled up to the stairs and ran back to her dad.

I thought, she must be scared.

Her father urged her to try again, and she made it up two of the three stairs, but then backed down again. She didn't run, she didn't scream, she just toddled back to her dad.

The next time he picked her up and carried her up the stairs for a picture. She didn't seem to mind, didn't seem to scared at all actually. The picture was taken, and again, the father tried to get her to put the dollar down at my feet. Again she refused.

Finally the father pried the dollar bill out of the little girl's hand, and that's when she let out a scream that echoed throughout St. Mark's Square...she wasn't scared at all, she just didn't want to give up her dollar...


  1. that is an awesome photo and a hilarious story. the girl knows the value of a dollar :)

  2. That's cute! The girl didn't want to give up her dollar LOL


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