Monday, July 6, 2009


I love getting TV shows from netflix because a)you can watch them all at once and b)because I don't get any of the cool channels like HBO and Showtime. Well, a lot of my friends had said that "True Blood" was really good, but the boyfriend didn't want to watch it...(I have no idea why, he loves vampires and he loves tv shows, wouldn't that be the perfect combination?)...I decided order it on netflix (on his account, of course), and we watched the first 2 episodes last night.

It was awesome! Perhaps a tad too much sex, but still a great show. The boyfriend won't admit that he likes it, but afterward he was trying to look it up on hulu so he could see the next episode. (They don't have it there, but he tried). I guess now I have to go and put the rest of the series on the queue.

In other news:

I'm leaving tomorrow for Oregon to visit my mom. I should have internet access (since her husband is a total tech geek) so there shouldn't be any interruption of blog posts...

While I'm there I'm going to Powells which is the most awesome store ever! It's the largest independently owned bookstore in the country selling both new and used books. It takes up about a city block and is at least four stories tall. I always go there when I visit mom, and I always end up leaving extra room in my suitcase for all my purchaces...unfortunately, no matter how much room I leave, it's never enough.


  1. Like you, I love bookstores. Nothing like the crisp fresh smell of a new book. Have fun on your trip!

  2. That bookstore sounds great. Have a great time in Oregon!


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