Saturday, February 7, 2009

Everything's Broken

Why is it that everything decides to break at the same time? Do the cars and appliances all get together and have a meeting? Take a vote?

Well, my dishwasher is broken, so last night we went to sears to buy a new one. I knew what kind I wanted, and it was on sale so it was a pretty quick transaction...however, with all the extra charges and stuff, a $288 dishwasher ended up costing me over $500!

My boyfriend talked me into getting the warranty, and then there was delivery, and the hoses that don't come with the new dishwasher for installation, and getting rid of the old dishwasher...ARRRRRRG!!!...Thank goodness for Discover Card.

I can live without most of my appliances, but not my dishwasher...

Now Monday I have to take the car in...Something is wrong with the emmissions, and even though my boyfriend is a mechanic, he doesn't have the tools and stuff necessary to fix it...

If my washing machine breaks next, I'm just going to wash my clothes by hand.

On a lighter note, I have a magic show today at Harrah's for a special event. I worked for them once two years ago, and they remembered me and asked for me back! Yay!

With everything breaking, there's one thing that would really cheer me up...

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  1. It seems bad things always come in 3s...let's hope that's not the case. Congrats on the gig.


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