Wednesday, February 25, 2009

It's Sabotage!

As I posted last week (at least I think it was last week), I've been trying to eat a bit healthier in order to get my jeans to fit the way they used to last year...well, last night the boyfriend brought home some girlscout cookies! Or as I refer to them, crack in a box! What do those girls put in those things that make them soooo tempting? Even the box is like a magnet, pulling you uncontrollably toward it...and we didn't even open the Thin Mints yet.

In other news: I had a gig on Monday night at a nightclub called Tao. It was their employee party, they even hired a company to do the bartending and stuff so that everyone could come. Well, I'm not so great with the club scene, and the hours there seemed to drag on forever. Luckily by the end of the night, I had done a couple good magic sets that I was proud of, but I was really glad when the clock struck midnight and I could leave.

The gigs are slowing down quite a bit now, and with my other show on hiatus, it's going to be tight this month. I just submitted for a job dealing poker at a special event...I don't think I stand too much of a chance getting it because though I'm great with cards and can deal poker quite well, I don't have any casino experience...oh well, it was worth a shot.

Here's how you can look stylish while you play poker!


  1. Your blog is amusing and refreshing!

  2. that is hilarious. I am going to have to share this wth my friends. :)

  3. "What do those girls put in those things that make them soooo tempting?" obviously its the crack! haha. we got 4 boxes a couple weeks ago and pretty much ate a box a day. hah. they are sooo good.

  4. The thin mints. Heaven. I used to be in an artists colony and the cheap rent came with a string. we had to do corporate parties. I hear ya about the night dragging on. Been there.


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