Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New Halter Top!

This shades of red boucle halter top is available at
On Monday, I finished and posted my new Halter Top

It's made from soft boucle yarn, and I'm really happy about how the colors turned out. Because it's not as stretchy as acrylic, it turned out a bit bigger than I had intended, but I think it will fit a size 8 to 10 quite nicely. Since the manaquin is much smaller than the intended size, I gathered it a bit, to show off the shape of the garment.

I also finished a headband/earmuff piece, but didn't have any time to photograph it stands right now, by Thursday, I'll have at least two pieces done and ready to list.

And now I'm off...The magic world awaits.


  1. this halter is so cool and the cartoon below is Great!

  2. That halter top is so cute...wish I had the bod for it.

  3. how pretty! nice work! i saw your blog on the etsy thread--thanks for sharing!


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