Saturday, February 21, 2009

Wedding Shower

This green dog sweater is still for sale at All Things Tangled
Today I'm off to a wedding shower/bachelorette party. My friend didn't want strippers or a big night out on the town the night before her wedding, so instead her sister combined the two...It's a suprise shower too which means I actually have to be on time.

I haven't bought a gift yet (if I'd had a wee bit more notice, I would have found something on etsy, of course> so I have to go out and do that today too. I have no idea what to get her...Luckily though, I live in Las Vegas where at least every other block has either wedding stuff or bachelorette stuff, so it should be too hard to find something. (fingers crossed)

And before I leave the house I really want to get one of my new items photographed and listed...I'm thinking of doing the doggie sweater first, because taking pictures of a living creature with her own agenda is a bit more of a challenge and then the headband/earmuffs should be a breeze.

Click here to see if new stuff has been listed, or maybe discover something you might have overlooked before


  1. Good luck! Thank you for commenting on my blog,

  2. Hope you had fun at your shower. Thanks for your comment ~ hope my sister-in-law loves the platter!


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