Wednesday, February 11, 2009

New Gloves!

These grey and pink gloves are now available at AllThingsTangled!
I had to take a short break from the custom sweater I'm making, so yesterday I made some new Fingerless Gloves in Grey and Pink! They are made out of super soft acrylic yarn and are washable too!

I have so many more ideas for fingerless gloves that I'll probably make a couple more pairs after I finish with this sweater...only one more sleeve to go!

Also, my other sweater was featured on HerBlueSatinSahes blog! She bought it and says it fits perfectly...yay!


  1. Gloves like those are the perfect glove to show off a great manicure! Very cute!!

  2. i love that they're ribbed! pretty!

  3. Very nice...I always thought they would be very useful.


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