Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tuesday's Tips!

Hahaha! So that's how you get the computer to work.
For today's tip, I'm going to focus on blog stats rather than shop ones. Everyone is so excited about Google Analytics, but for my blog, I really do prefer Blog Tracker. When you go to recent visits, it's much more complete about where people have found you, and much easier to click upon to discover what on that page led people to your blog. When someone does a search for an image or something, it tells you which image was being searched, while Analitics just seems to tell you that an image has been searched, and not necessarily which one.

It's really easy to install on your blog and you can also check it as often as you like because it's constantly updating.

Hope you guys like it!

No tips at this link, but there still might be something that interests you!


  1. Interesting! I will have to check it out. :)

  2. I have blog tracker on my blog but I only pay attention to how many people visit. I have Google Analytics for my etsy page and that is like visual information crack. So fascinating all of it!


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