Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl Sale!!!

I'm moving my Saturday Specials, to Sunday...and it will now be called Sunday's Sales! And what better way to "kick it off", so to speak, than the Super Bowl!

Today's sale: Buy anything in my shop and receive a 20% refund via paypal!!! As always, there is FREE SHIPPING to the US and Canada.

Simply type "Superbowl Sale" in the buyers comments to receive your discount.

As for myself, I've been invited to 2 Superbowl parties, but I think I'm going to relax at home. I'm going to send the boyfriend out to put in a bet for me at the sportsbook. I don't bet on sports except for $10 on the Superbowl, to help me care just a little bit about the game. It's kind of a tradition for me, and also, I think I'm going for a record on how many years in a row I can pick the losing team...we shall see.

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