Thursday, February 26, 2009

Taxes Eeek! ...and knitting ...and books

These pink and grey fingerless gloves are still available at
Today I'm off to my accountant to get my taxes done. Since more than half of my income is on 1099's, I don't trust myself to do it. With me it's always a crap shoot on whether I get money back or have to pay...I'm really hoping I get something back this year, I really need it.

In other news: The wraparound sweater I've been working on is getting closer. The back and the sleeves are done and most of the front right side. I worked on it all day yesterday in between shows...I doubt I'll finish it today, but I'm hoping to get it up and listed this weekend.

In book news: I finished The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde. It was wonderful! If you are someone who likes literature, you will find this book hillarious. It's really hard to discribe it, so if you're interested, you're better off going to amazon and reading the blurb...they say it so much better than I ever could...I've read one other book by Jasper Fforde and so far I haven't been disappointed.

Are your hands a little cold this morning? Some fingerless gloves might do the trick!


  1. usually i do my taxes really early but this year im dreading it! good luck! Cant wait to see your wraparound sweater!!

  2. Those fingerless gloves are beautiful!!! Good Luck with your taxes!

  3. love the gloves! and i am bad, i always wait til april to do taxes! dreading it this year big time!

  4. LOVE Jasper Fforde! glad to know another reader.


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