Monday, February 16, 2009

Life and Spaghetti...

Well, I've finally come to the realization that my pants are getting a little tight. I think this past year I've put on a little "new relationship weight". I don't really look different (yet), but I can definitely feel different. I think I can drop it (probably about 5 pounds, but I'm guessing because I don't really weigh myself)...just got to make sure I get more veggies in my diet and less desserts...I'm making more salads right now, so instead of having seconds at dinner (which I always do...mmmmm), I'll eat a normal portion and then have seconds on salad...I'm not going to stress about it too much though.

With food on the's a cool spaghetti video that I found:

In other news, I started on a new halter always, my goal is to finish it today (it usually doesn't happen like that, but it's good to have goals). I'm using some boucle yarn that I got for a custom order, and so far, I'm really digging how it's coming out.

Don't forget to check back tomorrow for "Tuesdays Tips for etsy"!

Click here to keep me's good exercise for my


  1. That's a super cool video!! Thanks for sharing! I had fun watching it :) Great animation I must say.. Superb!

  2. such a cool video. Made me hungry. Strange. ;)

  3. Oh girl! I feel you about the weight gain. Funny, because I don't weigh myself either. I need to start exercising!

  4. Liked the video...sounds like ur on the ball with the salads!


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