Sunday, February 22, 2009

New Things

Keep your ears warm with this headband, available at

Ok! So I finally got my new items listed! I wish I could just create things and hand them off to someone else to do the rest...Oh well, until the Keebler Elves are not so busy making cookies, I guess I'm on my own.

Anyway, The first item I listed was a Blue Headband Ear Warmer! It keeps your hair out of your face and your ears warm too!

Sometimes in the winter I don't feel like wearing a hat, but my ears will get really cold if I don't. That's why I think this is the perfect solution!

Knit in super soft country blue yarn, this cable knit headband will keep you warm and stylish during those cold winter months. It's nice an stretchy and should fit most head sizes comfortably.

This pink and grey dog sweater is available at

Then I listed a Pink and Grey Doggie Sweater! This sweater is perfect for your little one. It's knit in a baby pink with heather grey cuffs in super soft yarn. Bess, my lovely model, is a 7lb chihuahua, which will give you some idea of the size.


  1. I love the dog, and the doggie sweater!

  2. Gorgeous little doggie sweater there, and I love the idea of a fringe free forehead with warm ears thrown in for good measures! what a great idea! Sarah x


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